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Boen / Europe

With deep roots stretching back to as early as 1641, BOEN has since devoted itself to high tech engineered hardwood flooring production.

With products being sold in more than 50 countries, BOEN is the leading manufacturing brand of wooden parquet floorings of high quality and advanced technology. BOEN’s engineered floor planks feature a three-ply construction. Each plank contains a hardwood layer on top, vertical grain staves in the middle, and a bottom layer of single-ply spruce. This construction gives the planks suffucient stability to make them more resistant than solid wood planks to excessive expansion and contraction resulting from temperature and moisture changes in the environment.

BOEN Sport / Europe

For 50 years BOEN Sport flooring has supported many important games events and BOEN Sport has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality sport floor solutions. With products sold in more than 60 countries, BOEN Sport flooring is designed to tolerate great stress under extreme conditions. From extremely dry climate in Colorado, USA to places as humid as Hong Kong, BOEN Sport products engineered cross layer construction limits the hardwood’s natural movement and thus, guarantees a durable quality floor

BOEN Sport is an Official Technical Partner of FIBA. All our floors are tested and have been awarded the FIBA Study Centre Certificate. This means that BOEN SPORT quality is approved by 213 National Basketball Federations throughout the world and by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Château by Adler / Germany

German made wood floor manufacturer Château by Adler specializes in large sized planks in customizes widths and lengths. Adler offers huge widths of up to 350 mm and lengths of up to 5000 mm.

Château flooring is coated with special natural vegetable oils which are free of toxins. Unlike synthetic lacquer which covers the top surface of wood; natural oil allows you to experience and feel each and every wood grain which are also easy to maintain.

FICO / Germany

Entirely German-made, FICO wood parquet is ideal for both indoor floorings and outdoor decking. The thermal treatment changes the fibre in the wood, greatly reduces its ability to absorb water and thus eliminates fungi and bacteria growth, providing remarkable durability to the wooden floorings.

Hain / Germany

Hain cottage planks are crafted on highly modern production plant in the Bavarian town of Rott am Inn. As a specialist for natural wooden floor coverings, Hain currently offers 100 surface finish versions in various wood types. The most exclusive product that Hain produces is the XXL Castello Cottage Planks. These can be made up to 5000 mm long and 340 mm wide (special lengths available on request).

With a sophisticated and gentle finishing process, Hain floorings are exceptionally durable. Its skid resistance and regenerate ability makes Hain the perfect choice for every application, especially when direct contact with wood is required.

Hakwood / The Netherlands

Hakwood is a global leader in the production of multi-layered wood flooring. Based in the Netherlands, Hakwood supplies premium bespoke and collection wood flooring to top architects and designers all over the world for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces.

As the inventor of the Duoplank, Hakwood is leading in flooring technology. With European oak (also known as French white oak) as the base for most collection flooring, Hakwood specializes in wide-width, long-length planks and herringbone. Offering extensive customization options, the company prides itself on being able to create the perfect flooring to fit each client’s vision.

MAFI / Austria

What sets Mafi timbers apart from other timber products is the superior quality and structure of each timber floor board. Each board is hand crafted in Austria, passing through at least 44 sets of hands to assure a timber board with structural integrity and longevity. The symmetrical 3-layer construction, where the top and the back layers consist of the same wood type and the cross-lyed middle layer is made up with soft wood, provides excellent stability in Mafi’s planks. Renowned for its technology and innovation, Mafi transforms wood planks into 3D works of art that can be used as a design element for walls, ceilings and as flooring.

Panaget / France

Established in 1929, Panaget is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe that offers the finest French-made high quality wood floors. Panaget wood flooring, made from genuine 100 % French Oak in France, using centuries-old techniques, offering the finest French craftsmanship and style.

STP / Spain

100% made in Spain, STP specializes in unique patterns that are a cut above standard planking: Avant-garde designs are hand-crafted to fit your space, with options ranging from linear geometry to organic, flowing lines to shapes which evoke an elegant, old-world glamour. Distinguished for its creativity and innovation , STP crafts some of the most unique wooden floor in the world.

TILO / Austria

The name Tilo has stood for first-class floors made of premium materials, manufactured with high quality craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology for 65 years. Headquartered in Austria, the family-run enterprise combines the advantages of excellent product quality with an outstanding range of products and designs as well as the closest possible affinity with nature during production.

TRAPA / Austria

From saw wood to ready-to-lay natural wood floors – TRAPA wood floors are entirely produced in Austria. With more than 160 different types of natural wood, TRAPA products are treated within the wood’s cellular and the poricidal system with thermal pressure, lye and crystallising oil. These techniques make the floor extremely resistant, protect it permanently from abrasion and preserve the most precious characteristics of the natural material wood: vitality, warmth and comfort.